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    1. Shanghai Shenrui Test Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      Celebrate the company website successful on-line.[2012/09/18]
      Shanghai Shenrui Test Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd..[2012/09/18]

      Address:Shanghai Zhabei District, Jincheng Road, No. 663.
      Tel:+86-21-64738940 , 64313753


      Would like to thank every friend concerned about Shen Rui test equipment, because you trust to support the healthy development of, Shen Rui test equipment. Shen Rui test equipment will be great trust, and adhere to the initiative and enterprise testing instruments to overcome scientific and technological difficulties, technology and services to the new era of glory.

      Shanghai Shen Rui Test Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in January 2005, with Tongji University, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, Shanghai Construction Research Institute has a close technical cooperation. The establishment of the economic and financial center in China - Shanghai. In the past seven years, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art road works and civil engineering testing equipment, and to provide users with a professional pre-sale and after-sales service. Meanwhile, the company has introduced the world advanced testing instruments and equipment, combined with the actual needs of the users in China, to provide users with a scientific, perfect, economic, reliable technical solutions and supporting products.

      "Quality first, customer first" My company has always adhered to the philosophy.

      Looking to the future, we will work with you to development, and forge ahead in unity, create brilliant!

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