• Serverless EncryptionSM eliminates access by third parties
  • Message content visible only to recipient when viewing, stored fully encrypted
  • Messages are encrypted prior to SEND, stay encrypted in transit and “at rest”
  • Long text capabilities, Remote Delete, Remote Lock, and Remote Wipe
  • Photo Share (Release Winter 2013)
  • Carrier billing via Android Market or Verizon Wireless V Cast App Store
  • Cross carrier, cross platform compatible: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and select Java

Exclusive: Serverless EncryptionSM  

Think about it. All your text messages are held on accessible servers somewhere, the implications of which could be costly depending on your business. Our products put 2048 bit military grade encryption in the pocket of every employee or individual you wish to contact. More importantly, patent pending technology exclusive to GoMyCell eliminates intermediate servers. So your data is never stored. Serverless EncryptionSM is an innovation designed for cross platform use with smartphones, tablets and web-client enabled computers. The product is intuitive to use, sets up quickly and does not monopolize your device. Group and individual users can communicate, whether licensed together or separately, among all levels of an organization, inside and out.  Random key exchange by Serverless EncryptionSM means no one except the intended recipient holds your confidential text. Ever. So your text, like your personal conversation, ends there – with no recoverable trace by any public or private entity.  You, however, can remove messages before or after they are opened, and remotely wipe them from a lost or stolen phone. Use it for protection from hackers, theft, loss, and subpoena.