GoMyCell offers enterprise-based license pricing options, and deployment support, to corporations and governmental agencies interested in enabling technology, or using SecureCell, to lock mobile device communications with Serverless Encryption.SM In addition to internal messaging, such as texting, an organization can now securely communicate with outside groups, customers and vendors as never before. 

Questions? Please contact our Corporate Sales Team at sales@gomycell.com


  • Messages are encrypted prior to leaving a device and stay encrypted: ALWAYS
  • HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging, PHI is encrypted both in transit and as 'data at rest' 
  • Remote Delete function removes last message sent or entire conversation
  • Message Archiving utilities available for compliancy requirements
  • Delivery and Read receipts
  • Real-time automated group contact list

GoMyCell Exclusives

  • No intermediate servers or accessible messages via Serverless EncryptionSM
  • Each device holds unique encryption keys which are never transmitted or copied:                      Absolutely NO BACK DOORS  
  • Users exchange keys to read messages and can cycle encryption keys at any time
  • Secures an organization's communication inside and out to individuals or groups
  • Hybrid billing: group licensing and distribution with a single invoice and individual direct        billing by credit card or carrier invoice
  • Secure Messaging Web Service for gateway integration with EMR/EHR/PACS systems
  • Over 12 years of HIPAA experience